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Student Centered Learning

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Student-Centered Learning



So, what exactly is student-centered learning?  

     Student-centered learning encompasses a broad variety of topics that include educational programs, academic support strategies, learning experiences, and instructional approaches that all help to address each student's individual needs for achieving success (Great Schools Partnership, 2014). There are lots of factors that can impact a students' successes. Some of these include: socio-economic class, race, gender, mental and/or physical challenges, learning disorders, high-achiever status, and non-native language learners. To best address all of these factors, it's recommend that a student-centered approach be taken. 





                                                    (Marcusson-Mercedes, 2013)                                          



So why haven't all schools switched to student-centered methods of instruction?

     In the past, we have had a more school-centered method that promotes organization and efficiency for the schools, but it doesn't necessarily benefit the individual students (Great Schools Partnership, 2014). Now with a switch to a more student-centered method, coupled with technological advances, hopefully young and old learners can learn so much more. 

     But what are some examples of using student-centered learning in the classroom. Here are a couple of questions that we'll be focusing on during this collaboration project to fully explore student-centered learning. Click the links below to learn more about incorporating student-centered learning in the classroom:


1. How could you design the physical environment of the classroom, including technology, to be conducive to student-centered learning? 

2. What are some student-centered approaches or techniques that are based on or require collaboration?

3. How can you implement assessment so that it enhances student-centered learning?

4. What student-centered approaches or techniques can you use to address differentiation?

5. What student-centered approaches or techniques include physical movement as a central element?

6. What are some student-centered approaches or techniques for reading?




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